Day 10

(inspired by Safia's "Day 29")


what's up man?
you've been sitting on that brain for a while - while
I was writing this -
I kind of thought -
I've missed you

like I-O
that brains owes me a debt - and I'm not accepting your programming
of a thought-synthesized mirror reaking of fabrication-
you smell of yourself running along the memories of pain-
there's love on your shoe

can you hear me?
Can you just look down for a second?!

you wrecked my house before you birthed me-
a gift that I continue to marvel at

the front door slit where my finger submerged
the contours of this beating organ; beating as if your fists
are orchestrating the instru-mental of headaches. Head spinning
break dancing on regretting ever taking back "i love you"
because you once did
but was ever to afraid to admit it

look down
I am here now

can you see how beautiful this tilted roof is?
All it takes is your weight to set it crumbling down-
we'll light torches and become the son of ar(e)-
you ready to join me yet?.. In the fires atop veins
let us see our soul amidst the wreckage
burn ideas of ourselves next to our lungs
and get high on the present
wrapped in pain - you presented it to me with the parting of her

and all I ask is that you share this moment
of unveiling
with me.

look down

- Tommy D

Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 9.

It's called the headphone hideout
when really
I'm just hiding in my head - ringing with the achness of a hang-
over - my love for music is just about

an acapella over a dial tone giving it frequency-
no need for

crash carts
of the unwanted-dead
now alive-full of contempt for

we started (headphones and I)
as earmuffs during depleted batteries-icycles dangling from earlobes
within in which I excavated beats by skipping rocks
that I kicked in isolation...

(when somewhere completely different than what I intended)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 8.

I spoke to the President today.

We were having a conversation- in which
he was telling me about dreams from his father -

like a sun, transfixed on its one face-
forced to blink once an image fades from the stare-

the case is...

I've looked up to see flights of birds. Soar
passed a stiched sheet of stars and stripes in undulation. My anatomy
stripped from astronomy of a nay-shunned out of the collective-

my skin is spread across the universe
with America shaved from it like a hair follicle
trying to overcome the identity of race versus nationalism

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 7. Stanz-alone

subway after subway with Slaughterhouse filling car capacity-
the seats are taken im my eardrum (such a noisy morning crowd)
making sense of my $2.25 on the 4-track
tonight, I will not
give the mic back t(w)o (check 1)
the conductor constructs duct tape over the sleeping sage
smelling of subway steel

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 6. Imagery Exercise

Rain drops
becoming older in its descent
23 years old
living life layer by layer. The wind
is time being skated on by roller blades - X game
artist - finding meaning accelerating down a ramp
hurricane sweat off it's top
pyramid like in structure

I fall in a sea of suns - four
times a year undivided I search for myself
in the winter solstice
far away from

what urges right under this layer
before the first sight off blue blood?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 5.

You ever feel like sometimes
you're driven towards a goal so focused
that you feel isolated
from everyone?

a conversation slows in time - two hands
are called focus
unable to define reality since dreams destroy timelines -
oxygen injected intravenously
so your soul could breathe?


it seems I'm not of this world
a hue-man darkened from the dive into the universe.
And this is what I spit to you. You call it rain
when I precede it - growing water into seeds
is why we eat watermelon - dreams favorable to melanin

but the sun is eclipsed today - not yet night
since I am walking slow - not by accident - teaching Neo how to dodge
are why cops use Mustangs - I

must thank you
for reading this
as I am just crossing the street
on my lunch break - and wanted to share
this beat of my muse-ic
with you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 4.

I can still see you
through the oversized hoody
making your black skin even more pervasive

you keep me at a versus state of mind
constantly living city of my own - with no one around
but you and yours
in a circle of trust - ring of hustlers
married to the streets - on fire


you will abuse her


thanking her
in the morning for something
to live for,

yet I still
question if I should love that
or hate you
with the subway heat

Thursday, August 13, 2009


didn't really open and peek into the present
for a microphone
or see an audience of stealthy assassins with killer pens
plastered right before the wall made corners
and spit out their homes
under a flickering light bulb

but I,
wrote in a notebook, while standing,
in the middle of a sidewalk,
next to a homeless man
looking as sane
as he

from your perspective
in second person

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 3.

Regrets fill the air at my cubicle - in retrospect
a colleague I once knew, still grows
to enormous to brush off as a mere thought
a spectacle beyond the glow of raised curtains

I'm certain (always in retrospect)
that she was worth more time than the shelf it rested on -
that I
would rather make-shift a telescope
and peer at her iris for a stare to retrograde my transgression

we wrote lessons in the form of stories and poetree
alone - in the solitude of passion
grown in a garden perched on a tree
away from the distraction of cement - I meant
to continue

don't wait for me - my friend

I'll catch up

Day 2.

There's never enough
time- in a day I'm hanging
on the horizon

for dear life
and light - at the end
of a timeline.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It begins

I promised myself today - I
will see myself for who I am - not
who I want to be
not giving up the potential for greatness
bottled up
but the titles of occupations are causing too much distractions - tractors
working in the midst of morning traffic
never a good start

Sunday, August 9, 2009